Welcome to the house of contemporary Indian cuisine, the irresistible treat for the lively gourmet. At Indian Tukka we have been bringing the very many different flavours and subtleties of Indian cuisine to Melbourne for the last two decades.


Brenda and Alban have been involved in the Indian food industry for over 22 years and would love to invite you to sample a unique Indian dining experience. 


A  tantalizing mix of fare from countryside kitchens to the tables of the Mogul emperors. An astounding variety of vegetarian specialties complement the culinary repertoire.


India's popular tandoori cuisine which has its origins on the battlefields of the subcontinent has pride of place. The spiced marinated meats and vegetables basted and cooked in the tandoor are a highly recommended starter or ideal accompaniment to the wide variety of curries. 

Regional specialities and community delicacies have been adapted to the modern palate so sit back, enjoy and let us take you on a memorable dining experience.